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A family, touristy destination during the day and a wild and crazy bar scene at night. Kinda like a college town after all the parents drop off and leave.
12:00 Noon arrive at Put-in-Bay: See the families gather at the fountain.
1:00 PM: Take in the shops and attractions along with families and their children.
3:00 PM: Have a bite to eat and sip a drink.
6:00 PM: Walk the piers and see the the boats and their scantily clad boat whores drunk dance and blast their music.
9:00 PM: Set up at some live band bar and watch the crazies come and go.
9:01 PM: Buy beads and put them around your neck and look like the biggest pervert for 15 feet.
9:09 PM: Look at that cop shining his flashlight on that chicks tits.
9:30 PM: $30 buckets of beer no problem.
9:45 PM: Look at them girls kissing. Yum.
10:30 PM: Fuckin a bubba that band kicked ASS! I'm fucking deaf.
11:00 PM: Drink like a fool with a group of girls half your age. Ask to see their tits.
11:05 PM: Double stream piss thinking about the brunette.
11:30 PM: Head to boat home and watch the drunk crazies.
12:42 AM: Whack off
by Roundhouser October 17, 2007
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