Abbreviation for private investigator. Often hired by people to get information of somebody else's activities or to solve crimes that the police for one reason or another won't investigate themselves.
"I had to hire a PI to find out who killed my friend."
by IceWarm June 18, 2004
According to my friend whose parents went to MIT, there's a cheer there that goes "3.14159 SECANT TANGENT COSINE SINE!" Just goes to show ya, if you ever go to MIT you will be labeled a nerd for eternity.
'3.14159 secant tangent cosine sine' says my geometry teacher enthusiastically
A non-repeating decimal number (3.14159…) someone on earth might use to contact an extraterrestrial being, assuming that aliens also do math on their own galaxies.
Since mathematics is arguably a language likely to be spoken by aliens, astronomers believe that sending the first few hundred digits of pi to these galactic beings might increase their chances of getting them to respond.
by MathPlus August 19, 2016

(your persona, what the general observer thinks of your style)
D.J.: "Did you hear what happened that Asian kid Wang Chung?"
B.J.: "Yeah, he got busted big time."
D.J.: "I can't believe he really made fake tests with D's and F's on them so that people would think he's a slacker, when really he's a straight-A student who studies all the time."
B.J.: "Yeah you know something's gotta be fishy when an Asian kid is failing."
D.J.: "That'll really cramp your style though, getting busted like that. It's gotta kill your P.I."
B.J.: "Yeah, but the thing is, his parents already killed it by naming him after that goofy 80's song."
D.J.: "Kind of like when my parents named me 'Disc Jockey'. But I got over it. Eventually."
B.J.: "Man, you do NOT wanna know what my real name is... By the way, I'm gay."
by Nick D June 04, 2004

Def 2 :What people with really high IQs decide to memorize when they're bored and can spare a few minutes from not doing anything anyway.
genius1: what are you doing.
genius2: nothing.
1: want to memorize pi?

Pimp, mack daddy, one who is good with the ladies.
Like a P.i., something that can be said after you or your boy do something that works with the ladies. It carries more discretion then 'Like a Pimp' in case your overheard.
by Donnyboy11 February 19, 2010
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