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The Reason for Everything and Anything. Usually Why you Fall down all the time...That and you're an Idiot. Or maybe just Philosophy with a calculator and a large battery. Either way it is there.
"Say wanna go play with Physics?"

*dropping things off High places ensues*
by AplChild January 26, 2009
A Game. Randomly in the day shout out "Strike A Pose!" and whoever doesn't strike a pose loses and must have intercourse with a Flu infected guy. It can also be tweaked for specific poses. Maybe for holidays!
"Strike A Pose!"
*everyone poses*

"strike a Greek statue pose!"

"Strike a Valentines pose!"
by AplChild January 28, 2009
Awesome. Just Plain Awesome. He Will Defeat You. He Is So Awesome That You Have To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word When You Write About Him. Yeah. He Just Rocks. Indeed. Rocks. He: Awesome. This Cannot Be Repeated Enough. AWESOME. Yeah.

"Bow Down Before Me Peasants. For I am AplChild. And I Am In A Burning Mood...As In: I Want To Burn You."
by AplChild January 26, 2009

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