Having sexual relations of some kind over the telephone. Phone sex.
"Hey Paul, when was the last time we had phone bone? You've been gone for so long.
by Val Hurts December 21, 2008
to engage in sexual conduct over the phone. In lighter terms, to "have phone sex".
Did you hear that Andy totally phoneboned Jennifer? How disgusting!
by darian m October 26, 2005
A Phonebone is phone sex between two real people. Not phone sex beteen a person and a (fantasy) operator. A Phonebone is real phone sex - real masturbation, real moans and real orgasms. Usually a phonebone is between a a couple in a relationship. But sometime, and often times its between two strangers who get into a private conversation over a chatline, such as Intimate Encounters adult chatline (1-800-627-4263). Chatlines are where hot girls call in search of guys for annonymous phone sex with guys that turn them on.
A call Intimate Encounters Adult Chatline and Engage In One On One Private Conversation With A Horny Girl and Ask her To phonebone with me.
by Ivan Boesky April 19, 2009
The act of talking for hours and hours with a girl or a guy till your ears fall off.
Hey Nelson, did you waste your time last night phone boning with Susy?
by Slang Master June 17, 2005
When a female uses the vibrate feature on her phone to masturbate, in the absence of a true vibrator.
I forgot my vibrator at church camp, so I had to Phone Bone after watching Twilight
by jtothegoods November 20, 2010
To be on the telephone with a girl, and try to sweet talk her as if she had you whipped, or on a short leash.
Male to female on the phone:"Baby i'd do anything for you."
Males around him:"Nigga,Stop phone boning, it sounds like your soft.
by cedric hoper August 06, 2004
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