pho is da best!! (^-^) Yummm
pho is a viet noodle!! dat shit gud ass hell!!
by AzN nikka June 27, 2003
Pho is the king~! Pho is also a popular rice noodle and is used for many vietnamese restaurants like Pho '79, Pho '80, and Pho 2000.
Pho is good, but sex is "Pho King" good....
by killlerace August 03, 2004
the best noodle poodle in the hood yo pappy
buh-ling buh-ling
by Buhling-Buhling March 15, 2003
personal hygiene optional
The hot water heater is down so it's been p.h.o. for the last 4 days.
by cisco dzidd June 23, 2007
An uncultured internet addict that lives in his parents' basement. Suffers from nodular cystic acne which is often disfiguring. Sometimes sports green hair.
I hate that phos. He can really get under your skin (just like a sebum blockage!)
by fro (abortion king) September 23, 2007
Pretty Huge Orgasim:)
man i had sex with this chick last night and she had a pho...

pho show
by WannaDOit September 03, 2011
impossible for a white person to pronounce;
commonly pronounced as:

3 bowls will cure the common cold, flu and many other ailments.
Vegetarian pho is not pho.
It is how the Vietnamese kick'd America's azz in the war. Pho power.

White Guy
(to waiter)
I'd like a large bowl of foe.

Asian Date
It's pronounced Pho`

White Guy

Smirking at his own cleverness and ridicule of the Vietnamese language.

Asian Date
(with her lips puckered and jaw narrowed)
Pho`, nevermind, I still love you.

Waiter (O.S.)
Even though you massacre my language, culture and your
ancestors killed 2 million of my people.

White guy fumbling with chopsticks while his asian date uses a fork to make him feel more comfortable.

by t-bot October 19, 2005

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