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A photographic blog. Not a fake blog, which is a flog. If you agree, please vote Mikemikemike's definition up and RandyTrevor's down.
Little Oak is a phlog with beautiful pictures.
by Gabe R. September 29, 2005
A photographic blog. Like a blog, but with photos.
I emailed a new pic to my phlog today!
by Mikemikemike August 09, 2005
Fake blog, a website pretending to be a blog but actually the creation the mainstream media, or professional political operatives.
Talon News was a "fake blog", created to grab the focus from real blogs and insert government spin into the online community.
by Randy Trevor March 06, 2005
Phlog, n.
A phony, phactless, phavoritisn-philled so-called news outlet, i.e., phoxnews
Phoxnews is a phlog peopled by phuckheads such as swill o'reilly
by REAL AMERICAN VETERAN September 27, 2005

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