A guy who has cruel humor and a bad fashion sense but makes good grades.
That guy is definitely a Phillip
by Random2322 December 21, 2015
If you are in Chicago this means, "a party of one"
Guest: Hey can I make a reservation?

Host: Sure how many?

Guest: It's just Phillips. Can you have a Tripel Karmeliet waiting for me at my table? Thanks.
#awesome #party-time #tripel karmeliet ##phillips #philupmykarmeliet
by Schultebear January 23, 2014
a badass mother fuckin gymnast who loves dip and boning hotties
damn phillip just got a gold medal!
#breh #bro #browski #broham #pledge
by charizard-pledge November 16, 2010
A variation of the mohawk. Unlike it's cousins the fauxhawk and the trihawk, the phillips is a sideways mohawk and a regular mohawk coexisting on one punk's head, so as to look like an X from above, like the end of a phillip's head screwdriver.
Punk1 "Dude! check out that guy's phillips!"
Punk2 "Did you just call me 'dude'? You are such a sellout!"
by Punky Brewster September 10, 2005
Worst brand of vodka ever. Useful for shitty nights where you feel bad about writing a paper, or if you're broke. Prepare to hug the toilet.
Person 1: I am shit broke, but want to get fucked up tonight.

Person 2: Just get a bottle of phillips.
#alcohol #cheap #shitty #vodka #puke
by spoonman184 March 11, 2011
When something is just a giant No!
"Why did the chicken cross the road, to get to the other side...."
"Dude, thats just phillips."
#phillipo #philp #tom phillips #pillips #phillips no
Another word with the same definition as fellatio, except for the servicing is done by a male. Pronounced, 'feel lips.'
Homo 1: I could phillips, Elton John could only top, on my hard tube steak.

Homo 2: To bad his breath was smelling of fumundercheese PEW!
#deep #throat #skull #glazed #donut #semen #swallower #vacuum #gobbler #smegma
by onlyfemalelips4this January 01, 2011
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