1.The quarterback for the South Rebels; aka god

2. The Freshman running back for the South Rebels

3. The offense that the Rebels run.
Yup, next year, every play's gonna be "Phillips Left" or "Phillips Right".
by Souper Dude September 28, 2006
Defined as an average white american male, A Phillip has nothing special about him. The male is average at best in all aspects of life. They have little to no muscle tone. They are found to have an average flacid penis of 1.25 inches. While erectile they are found to be just below average at 4.5 inches. A Phillip is known to be creepy around the females, while also being socially awkward around his male peers. Nobody should grow up wanting to be a Phillip. They strive to be on Instagram, and be hilarious to what friends they do have.
Tyler- Awww man, they just named that baby Phillip.
Levi- That poor kid. Phillips are gay as hell.
by UC_2012 December 12, 2012
The Best Guy Ever.
His best Friend is Shelby :) && Tara or Tee-Ruh :)
he is pretty much amazing
DAyummm.! Look at that finee ass boiii.

Oh, that's Phillip.!
by Phillip :) November 18, 2008
A liar , sometimes bald and stupid has no life and never listens to his sisters. He tells people he has feelings for them but he really doesnt. this guy has no heart so dont get close to him.
Girl 1: "that guy just made me cry"
Girl 2: "he must be a Phillip"
by moedogger13 July 01, 2010
the biggest man whore you will ever meet. The king of pot heads. Girls thinks he is disgusting but still mess around with him. Phill's are players and always will be. they dont care about anyone but themselves.
"Dang, he has been messin with every girl, hes pullin a phillip"
by yeahhhbudyyy June 06, 2009
A purple, soft, cuddly, female bunny
"What a cute Phillip!"
by Haley Kay July 10, 2008
To fill-up. See Tea bag.
Yo phillip on my nuts.
by Jimmy June 11, 2006

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