A sex god undercover.
Turns boy's gay.
And his gap tooth makes the girls go "UHHHHHH."
"You are so Phillip"
You are so sexy.
by Hhgsduwd March 08, 2009
A guy who has cruel humor and a bad fashion sense but makes good grades.
That guy is definitely a Phillip
by Random2322 December 21, 2015
a badass mother fuckin gymnast who loves dip and boning hotties
damn phillip just got a gold medal!
by charizard-pledge November 16, 2010
If you are in Chicago this means, "a party of one"
Guest: Hey can I make a reservation?

Host: Sure how many?

Guest: It's just Phillips. Can you have a Tripel Karmeliet waiting for me at my table? Thanks.
by Schultebear January 23, 2014
A variation of the mohawk. Unlike it's cousins the fauxhawk and the trihawk, the phillips is a sideways mohawk and a regular mohawk coexisting on one punk's head, so as to look like an X from above, like the end of a phillip's head screwdriver.
Punk1 "Dude! check out that guy's phillips!"
Punk2 "Did you just call me 'dude'? You are such a sellout!"
by Punky Brewster September 10, 2005
Worst brand of vodka ever. Useful for shitty nights where you feel bad about writing a paper, or if you're broke. Prepare to hug the toilet.
Person 1: I am shit broke, but want to get fucked up tonight.

Person 2: Just get a bottle of phillips.
by spoonman184 March 11, 2011
When something is just a giant No!
"Why did the chicken cross the road, to get to the other side...."
"Dude, thats just phillips."
Another word with the same definition as fellatio, except for the servicing is done by a male. Pronounced, 'feel lips.'
Homo 1: I could phillips, Elton John could only top, on my hard tube steak.

Homo 2: To bad his breath was smelling of fumundercheese PEW!
by onlyfemalelips4this January 01, 2011
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