the name Phillip means a Sexy guy with the sexist body that all guys would dream of having
1st guy : aw He must be Phillip
2nd guy : Yeah i reckon aye he has a good body
by Tamara.Wolf February 20, 2009
Very attractive male; known for his incredible good looks, he is the reason you wake up in the morning. Basically he IS the shit.
Mike: Hey, look its phillip!
John: Yeah, he's the shit!
by _Hickey_ February 06, 2014
an amazing kid, always there for others. the best smile and a beautiful boy. he loves to make everyone laugh, and always there to give a helping hand. naturally good at everything he does, whether its singing, dancing, sports etc. he loves to chill with his mates. he likes to sit down and just play his guitar and always puts people in a happy mood when he does. he loves having loved ones around him all the time. he enjoys going for rides on his skateboard everywhere, and he never backs down from a challenge
mark: "that dude sure loves to play his guitar"
johnny "yeah he's a Phillip"
by kingkongbundy71 January 17, 2012
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Lively and so funny. Has the best taste in music and films. A big geek when it comes to films like LOTR and Harry Potter. Can brighten up anyones day, but their own. Happy and cheerful when around people but when they're alone they fall apart. Any girl would be lucky to have this magnificent human being, they are perfect in every single way.
"Woah, that boy has an amazing taste in music!" "Yeah, I know, he's such a Phillip."
by iloveLOTR June 25, 2013
Phillip is a man with a large penis and knows how to use. Also known for eating a girl pussy right.
Ex: Ooo babe your such a Phillip...

Ex: babe you're so big that's why you're a Phillip
by Swagdaddyphil January 12, 2014
a 10 on a scale of 1-10, he super sexy and all the hoes want to give them a little sugar
oh shit nigga its phillip (pours sugar)
by big boy with a big peepee March 31, 2013
The rumored secrete name Aquaman uses when on land.
Didn't that Phillip guy look a lot like aquaman?

Do you know aquaman?, yea you mean Phillip
by seannet April 05, 2011
A guy that loves you like no one else, he will be faithful to you for the rest of your life and is an amazing lover. His soulmate is Tara who is usually an amazing girl.
They will be together forever.
Yeah he's probably a Phillip.
by Phillioran August 03, 2012

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