The bhf who dyed his hair purple... so now, we can't call him bhf, we're going to call him phf;aka purple haired freak
OMG, look, the bhf dyed his hair!!! Aww man, now we're going to have to call him somehting else... PHF!!!!
(yes, i know, gay example)
by RCG210 November 07, 2003
Top Definition

A very obese person who has the potential to look good after major weight loss. Most commonly seen on the NBC show "The Biggest Loser".
Jill: Wow! Mike Morelli looked great at the Biggest Loser Season Finale! I never would have guessed it before he lost the 200lbs.

Sarah: Really? I knew he was a phf the second he stepped foot on the ranch.
by on_a_boat June 07, 2009
the bhf who dyed his hair purple. Therefore, we now call him phf insteads of bhf. see bhf
Me:OMG, the bhf dyed his hair... what the hell color is that?
You: Uhh, idk, i think it's purple, wait, you can still see the blue.
Me: oh... I agree with munkey, the blue was better.
by JFK phreaks November 09, 2003
a bhf that dyed his hair purple. it looks like a plump plum with a tall body. he should have kept it blue
alex. i like plums. plums are good. phf is plums with sticks.
by munkey November 08, 2003
a bhf that dyed their hair purple. so now it's purple hair freak.
i liked the blue better
by munkey November 08, 2003
PHF: Public Holiday Fodder

- a term I came up with to describe any movie which is regularly shown on TV over public holidays, such as Bank Holidays or Christmas.
Typical examples of PHF (in the UK at least) include 'WarGames', 'Tron', 'The Black Hole', 'D.A.R.Y.L', 'The Great Escape', 'Goldfinger', and any of the 'Herbie' movies.
by Robert M. Cassidy September 05, 2006
bhf with purple hair. and this is gettin old.
*barf* getting awfully old
by munkeesrules! November 16, 2003
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