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Slang term for the word "perhaps" created by hyatt119
"Are you going to mall today?"
"Phaps, if i can get money."
by Mario Marzano December 17, 2007
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To masturbate; slang
I was phaping forever last night
by Necco20 March 21, 2007
The sound that is made when a large penis hits someone's face. Similar to a slap, however done by male erection instead of hand.
Wow! I don't think she was expecting him to phap her that hard! or That hooker got phapped good.
by La Playtym Anytym July 02, 2010
A phrase used to shorten the name of the scientific course "Physics AP: Mechanics" or "Physics AP: Electricity + Magnetism". This phrase not only describes a scientific course, but also implies sexual innuendo. See fap.
Lorraine: "I hear a lot of people are planning on taking Phap next year"
Lorene: "I wish I could take Phap."
Lorina: "I am!!!"
by Incognito12 February 19, 2014
(verb) - To clap with one hand.
(noun) - The sound of one hand clapping.
I can phap with both my hands at the same time. You could say that I'm ambidextrous.
by bumpercarBOOST January 24, 2010

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