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The false feeling of a cellular phone vibrating in your pocket, even when the phone is not there
Damn, I'm blowing up. Oh wait, just phantom phone.
by J-Hutch August 11, 2005
The sensation of having your phone vibrate in your pocket, even occurring when your phone is clearly visible or somewhere else.
I thought I was getting a phone call, so I checked my pocket, but my phone was sitting on my desk. I'm so sick of phantom phone, dude.
by DieLawn November 11, 2007
The phenomenon where you feel your cellphone vibrate in your pocket or you hear it vibrate in the immediate area, when in fact, your phone has not vibrated at all and/or isn't even in the area.
Person #1: Dude. I totally though my phone just vibrated but I don't even have it with me. Wtf?!

Person #2: Yea man, just another case of phantom phone.
by ballinik August 13, 2009
when vibrations are felt or ringing are heard when one is without cellphone or cellphone is silenced.
AH! I felt my phone vibrate against my leg. .. except i have no phone in my pocket. . !!! THE PHANTOM PHONE!
by drewskizzle November 10, 2008
When your Leg muscles spaz out making you think your cell phone is vibrating
hey man i think she is calling me back.....nope.... just phantom phone
by a-ric August 03, 2008
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