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7 definitions by J-Hutch

The false feeling of a cellular phone vibrating in your pocket, even when the phone is not there
Damn, I'm blowing up. Oh wait, just phantom phone.
by J-Hutch August 11, 2005
When a guy makes a girl cry and forces her to use the tears as lubrication for a handjob. Often used after the girl has been naughty but the guy is feeling horny and mean
Did you break up with Katherine for her cheating on you?
-No, but I made that bitch give me a cry job
by J-Hutch June 27, 2005
A huge, usually jewish nose. An extreme version of a Schnozz or shnozz
DAMN! Check out that bitch's nose.
-What a schnorkel!
by J-Hutch August 20, 2005
Street name for the neighborhood of Morningside in Northeastern Atlanta. Home to many a cultured, upper-middle class white person with pride for everything they represent. Also home to a lot of Jews and queers.
What hood you reppin?
-M-Side muthafucka
by J-Hutch March 14, 2005
a milder euphemism used in place of "nigger" or "nigga". Acceptable to be used by white people.
Awww...how cute. He's just a lil' nacker.
by J-Hutch February 27, 2005
Nacker is a toned down version of the word Nigger/Nigga. Acceptable to be used by white people.
"AWWW, look at him, he's so tiny, just a lil' nacker"
by J-Hutch February 26, 2005
Swedish cars often purchased by moms trying to keep their babies safe and then passed onto those same babies 16 years and 200,000 miles later, still running like new. They have a knack for fixing themselves if you just keep on driving. Looked best during the period of 1980-1996.
Dude, you got your Volvo yet?
-Naw, my mom wont let go of it
by J-Hutch June 27, 2005