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Phade is the biggest noob at www.thewarcenter.com. EXCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!
Hey you know that noob on that website?

You mean Phade right?
by Throdo November 30, 2004
greatest rapper in the world
Aye, did you hear phade? He's freakin beast on the mic!
by NikoRawr May 26, 2010
The lord of New Jersey. Also goes by the names of Dan and Prince.

He can sometimes be found roaming the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick.

Can be identified by the slightly visible scars on his face and metal plate in right wrist.
I'm bored. Let's go find Phades.

Prince is sooo hot!

Dan! What are you doin tonight?
by US Government June 10, 2004
big cock
phade has a huge cock.
by jesus murphy July 01, 2003
The coolest member of the website www.thewarcenter.com

Has nothing to do with cocksize
Yo phade your so cool.

Phade: Yeah i know
by Phade November 30, 2004