Pretty F***ing Terrible; the opposite of mmph (makes me pretty happy)
You listen to Kid Rock? PFT, no wonder you don't have a girlfriend.
by D Goody January 14, 2010
Top Definition
An exlamation of disbelief
Joe-"I won the lottery!!"
Me-"Pft! Yeah right."
by Emennius January 14, 2004
A sound made when you could really care less about the subject mentioned but don't want to verbally express how you feel.
by MLSweetP June 20, 2011
Pretty fucking tight

Negroid 1: Daaammmnnn!!! Did you see that ass?

Negroid 2: Hell yea! That was P.F.T. Man!
by Marshbag April 25, 2007
Potential for Thickness
She's cute but she has PFT. Potential for thickness!
by notameangirl August 06, 2010
Penis Fly Trap
A humorous prank typically pulled by a male on another male where the one conducting the prank suddenly jumps and wraps his legs around the unsuspecting male, locking them together at the ankles in an unbreakable "Penis Fly Trap".
So the other day I was talking to Chad at Seth's house and suddenly Austin came up from behind him and locked him in a PFT. Chad was astounded.
by imullofmushsheen January 05, 2010
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