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An exlamation of disbelief
Joe-"I won the lottery!!"
Me-"Pft! Yeah right."
by Emennius January 14, 2004
Probably the best tactical RPG for the Playstation.
Retard-"Drrrrr, what game is that you're playing?"
Me-"It's Final Fantasy Tactics, you retard"
by Emennius January 10, 2004
A mispelling of Soul Calibur 2, you retards.
Retard-"I got Soul Caliber 2"
Me-"It's Soul Calibur 2, you dumbass."
by Emennius January 10, 2004

An abbreviation for "Playstation"
"Hey, a used PSX only costs $50 now."
by Emennius May 23, 2003
A weapons fighting game made by NAMCO, in which each of the next-gen consoles recieves a console exclusive character.
Retard-"Why won't my Soul Calibur 2 disc work in my Xbox?!"
Me-"Dude, you got it for Gamecube"
by Emennius January 10, 2004
An up and coming band from Ledyard, that will hopefully make it big...somehow.
Me-"I'm in The Pink Drone Acid Project. Ever heard of us?"
Some guy-"No, not really."
Me-"OK. I didn't really expect some guy on the street to know what some garage band is."
by Emennius January 10, 2004
What you say to justify stealing food from someone.
Person 1: "Hey, give me back that french fry!"
Person 2: "Warlords!"
Person 1: "Damnit..."
by Emennius March 26, 2004
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