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Right Fuckin' Now
Used to describe a situation that needs to be handled without delay.
I need that taken care of R.F.N.
by Clance-man March 13, 2006
When tomorrow or this afternoon or later is not good enough: you need it Right Fucking Now.
Hey, you lame hesher, go get that six-pack RFN!
by Ace June 02, 2004
They're supposed to stand for "Real Fucking Nightmare" but the only thing you should be scared of is the chomos in their family! IE: Mike. Beware of this family, keep your back to the wall at all times, children. They're completely harmless, unless you count the barking they do in Pal. Hide yo kids not yo wife, cause they're out there like Pedo Bear..
Today, my child's school had an assembly on what to do if an RFN member approaches them.
by Sir Anon August 13, 2014
Really fucking nice. The top of the spectrum, above PFN (Pretty fucking nice) and NFN (Not fucking nice).
"Did you take that girl home last night?"


by MDIGFH March 29, 2009
Random Fucking Ninja. A term occasionally used in message boards and forums as means of a random assault on another member.
User 1: Stop posting stupid shit.
User 2: Fuck you! RFN attacks!
by Zlda4evr December 05, 2007
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