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v. to turn any phrase into an abbreviation or acronym and use it as if everyone knows what you are talking about

"Tommy, stop Pfeiffering. God."
by kelliq April 27, 2009
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a really hot guy/girl, such as michelle pfeiffer
Dude look, its a pfeiffer! You should go talk to her!
by Logan Nealson June 10, 2008
term used to describe a senior with whom you have no relations, other than knowing their name.
"Hey Pfeiffer! Buddy, what is up fool?"
by Rawlafonquashiqua March 25, 2010
A person who normally takes part in doing something stupid, weird, and sometimes funny like eating a bug.

A Pfeiffer can also say completley random and uncalled for comments or insults like asking a gir, "Remember when you got your d*ck stuck in a rabbit hole?"

Can be shorted into 'Feif' (Pronounced 'Pfeiffer' minus the 'er')
"I know you hate John, but ignore him, he's a Pfeiffer."
by The Original Feif March 22, 2010
When a female has endless squirting diarrhea into a beer bong leading into ones mouth, followed by excessive vomiting.
Yo tim dawg, some chick just pfeiffered me, and now my mouth is full of crusty brown stains
by jewjew1515 January 24, 2011

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