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Fecal Matter produced by another being.
Oh my god! PEWP ON MY CHEST!
by RoaCh Of DisCord February 18, 2004
Pewp is the equivalent to poop, yet it is used more commenly but younger people. Mainly for the fun of it. It can also be used to censor swearing.
Linkinxpark says: I saw a chicken crossing the road this morning
EmozieNekozie: HOLY PEWP.
#pewp #holy #poop #swearing #young #fun
by EmoNeko January 05, 2009
n. shit, crap, stink bricks/nuggets
that dog just dropped a huge pile of pewp on my lawn!
the AWP sux liek pewp.
WTF pwned by a n00btard pile of pewp.
by Jimmy P. Fuxnugget January 27, 2003
A combination of the words pee and poop meaning you have to do both at the same time. Invented by my 3 year old son, Judah.
Mommy, take me to the potty. I have to go pewp.
by mle1125 May 03, 2016
The act of vomiting and diarrheaing at the same time, usually while one is on the toilet.
"I am going to totally pewp!"

"I pewped all over the bathroom last night"

"Don't come in, I'm pewping.
#poop #puke #crap #vomit #shit #puwp
by images8dream December 24, 2010
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