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lol @ her bushy pewbs
by Anonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn September 06, 2008
A portmanteau of perpetual and newbie meaning a perpetual noob. A person who despite months and years of doing something is still completely incompetent. Also, Poob, P-nubs, etc...
Man: He's been all over the world, danced at dozens of festivals, and still sucks like a mother fucker. What a pewb.

Woman: P-nubs fo' realz.
by Xandering March 18, 2011
Rubbing a pair of bewbs with pewp, thus you get pewbs.
I was going to give Cindy the pewbs, but she wouldn't have it. So I gave them to myself.
by IheartPewbs April 13, 2007