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3 definitions by chickenbuttz

Gasoline or fuel. Short for petroleum.
Who's got the snaps on the petro?
by chickenbuttz June 26, 2003
96 22
The Akuza is a radical American sect of the the Hayashi clan and its origins can be traced to its roots in Japan.
It is said that the Oyabun; father of the Akuza, can be reconized by his chimerically large and protruding ears and his compressed thumbs, but his existence has yet to be proven
by chickenbuttz June 24, 2003
8 2
Stank ass breathe; usually found on bald-head skally-wag chickenheads.
I sho did in our face drankin on that 'yak', mouth fulla gold but yo ass need some tic-tacs
(project pat)
What? You need some gum, breathe like some thunder. What you look at? I don't want yo phone number
by chickenbuttz July 03, 2003
18 35