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A television show proposed by Andy Samberg and Bill Hader to Lorne Michaels in two seperate Saturday Night Live skits. It combines peoples two favorite things: Lasers. And Cats! A short low-budget film is then shown with Andy and Bill in a post-apocolyptic world in where cats can fire lasers out of their mouths and eyes, fighting evil, general chaos.
In the future, Laser Cats will help fight evil.
by GNox November 28, 2007
Noun: This term describes the look of an 'innie' belly button, most likely on a heavy-set person, that has worn a shirt that is a little too tight. The odd-shaped indention where the belly button is looks a bit like a womanly orifice.
"Dude, what is up with your stomach?"
"It's wash day, had to wear an old shirt."
"You've got belly cooter..."
"...it's wash day. Shut it!"

Also: Can be sung to Heart's "Barracuda". Oohhhh! Belly Cooter!
by GNox August 30, 2006
An adjective used to describe a promiscuous person.
That bitch is a petri dish. Better come strapped, if ya know what I mean.
by GNox August 04, 2007
Proper Noun. Used to describe a clan of gamers that think they are great, but sadly are mistaken.
"Man, these guys are dropping like flies. Who are we fighting again?"
"Hmm... some chochs going by "ChicagoGamers"."
"Haha... are you serious?"
"Yeah. Apparently they are fond of 'The Matrix' movies, Cheetos and getting their asses handed to them."
by GNox July 28, 2006
Noun, used to describe a distended rectal cavity, where upon the unlucky subject has 'an accident' and shit themselves unmercifully. The result, sadly, is a bright red bulge that has poo all over it. Hence, chocolate-covered strawberry.
"Did you see that Chad took off on another holiday and left us in a lurch?"
"That chach. What are you going to do?"
"I'm going to make him eat a Chocolate covered Strawberry. Then we'll be Even Steven."
by GNox July 05, 2006

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