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Having a sexual act commited upon you three times in the one night by a person named Peter. For example, Girl (or fat mess) meets Peter in the club. Girl invites Peter back to house. Girl gets fucked by Peter three times in the one night. Girl has been peterised. Can also happen in an alley.
"I'm a fuck you once, then i'm a fuck you twice, then i'm a peterise you bitch"
"Did you hear the girl over the road got peterised the last night"
by joeeyaaaaaaaaaad April 27, 2008
When a sexual act is committed upon a woman 3 times the instigator's weight.
Did you see who Dalton Peterised last night? She was grossly overweight.
Dalton peterised that Land Rover/Hippo/Whale/Elephant again? Ah for Jaysus sake.
by Daaaveeead April 26, 2008
When someone by the name of Peter achieves something that they are proud of.
I totally peterised that exam
See that girl over there, yeah i peterised her
You just been peterised
by Galway P.I.M.P April 26, 2008
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