The alter-ego to the Spider-Man sex act. This version must be performed while in the workplace. It involves busting a nut into your hand and then flinging it into the face of a co-worker. For style points, you can use an expression that might be heard at 'The Daily Bugle' like "This just in!"
Jen punked me out in that inter-office memo

What did you do about it?

I had no choice but to do a quick rub and tug under my desk and Peter Parker that bitch as she walked past my office.

I was bored, so I Peter Parkered Anna in the break room!
by KarlHungus311 March 11, 2010
Top Definition
he's a guy working for the tabloid Daily Bugle...but, he's really...SPIDERMAN!
Peter Parker, it's been a while since I've seen you.
by World Domination February 09, 2005
A person who loves Mary Jane a.k.a Marijuana
"Hey you know Jeremy?"
"Yeah dude he's like the biggest Peter Parker in our grade."
"REALLY? I didn't know he smoked weed."
by Kashmando January 02, 2012
Peter Parker is the everyman. He’s the common, average, middle-of-the-road guy that just happens to be endowed with amazing powers when he’s bitten by a radioactive spider. Despite Spidey’s fantastic abilities, Peter Parker still has to deal with the woes of middle-class living. Girl problems, making ends meet, keeping his family together, getting through school; all the tropes of our everyday normal lives lived out through the eyes of a superhero.
Peter Parker is unique amongst the cabal of top tier superheroes.
by Caleb_Nyuu June 12, 2013
When doing a girl from behind, one pulls out his penis just before finishing and releases his manly juice in his hand. He then spits on the woman's back so she believes he has finished on her, when she turns around the man throws his discharge into her face and yells "PETER PARKER!!"
she was blinded for life as a result of his peter parker.
by jon abbot August 06, 2007
When a man or woman fingers themselves with only the middle finger and ring finger, so that when fingering themselves they're hand looks like Spiderman's hand while shooting webs. People usually think about Peter Parker / Spiderman while doing this (because people are nasty fucks).
My wife Peter Parkered herself while watching a Spiderman movie last night.
by Azzazicc May 16, 2016
someone who lives two lifes who is very secretive about it.
My friend liz is on the honor roll and does really well in school, but when friday night rolls around shes a total peter parker
by Suckmebapst69 March 02, 2009
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