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when your girl uses your balls as a punching bag.
my friends in the hospital because his girl gave him a ball buster.
by tkifr February 16, 2008
when you have sex with a girl in a spiderman outfit, then return later on in the day with no outfit on. and have sex with her again acting like you never met her.
i pulled a peter parker on a girl the other day.
by tkifr February 16, 2008
when you cum on a girls back and or bread then spread with a butter knife. She then eats the bread on her back you lie down on her back and you get stuck to her.
i did a i cant believe its not butter to my girl last nite.
by tkifr March 02, 2008
when u bang a girl in the bathtub when the bathtub is bone dry
i was tubthumping my girl last night.
by tkifr February 16, 2008

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