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(n.) An insulting term for a gay guy. (adj.) Large and flamboyant.
You are such a peter puffer you fag.
Wow, look at that peter puffer fag over there.
by ChickenFriedKitten November 26, 2004
408 149
Someone who likes to suck dick
Diane Mason is a peter puffer!
by FU September 05, 2002
273 98
One who can suck a golf ball through a garden hose. See also ass clown.
Those democrats sure are some peter puffers.
by TT October 14, 2003
312 174
One who smokes pole.
Marty is a peter puffer.
by FAQ2 February 23, 2004
190 90
a homosexual (term used by truck drivers)
That rest area is full of peter puffers.
by Smartbutt June 26, 2005
113 42
Term used for those who suck dicks, in particular gay men. Commonly mistaken as a term for those who smoke drugs.
Gunny: Are you a Peter Puffer?
Gunny: BULLSHIT! I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
by Markovzki August 24, 2010
65 19
Also known as a Penis Puffer, Cock-Gobbler, and a Dick Licker.
Here is the Peter Puffer Song: Peter Puffer.... Peter Puffer.... Puffing On A Penis All Night Long!
by Leroy Karbunkle September 17, 2007
65 29