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only the 'coolest ever!!!'
wow, that is so petch!
#cool #impressive #awesome #stupendous #boss
by petch July 03, 2006
To catch a wild animal with the intent of petting it.
Jimmy succeeded in petching a squirrel.

I will petch that lamb.

I feel like petching that animal.
#touching #petting #catching #caressing #hold
by SlaughterTV April 12, 2009
combonation of meth and steriods.
many celebrities take drugs. some take petch
#steriods #meth #drugs #high #injections
by Konoha March 12, 2009
The bluetooth earpiece that lets you talk wirelessly on your cellphone.
I thought he was talking to me but he was wearing a petch.
#earpiece #handsfree #wireless #headset #cellphone
by Moe Tavern November 26, 2006
to convulse violently, purging the content of your stomach, perhaps in a projectile manner.

derived from S. G Petch car sales in England, who sell some really purge-worthy vehicles, whilst also sounding akin to the act of vomiting in a most enthusiastic manner.
In a disgraceful moment for the church, the vicar was photograhed holding back the bishops robes whilst he petched at the porcelain alter.
by cyanidemoth September 13, 2005
powerful erections teach children how!
Police enjoy the child hunt!
You big sick petch
by wanker April 27, 2003
Very camp or outwardly gay.
With that pink shirt on he looked very petch!
by fadryn December 13, 2004
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