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A dodgy dealer kind of guy. Often found in second hand shops sporting chunky gold chains, with animated hand/arm movements. General clothing will often include shell-suits, track-suit bottoms, expensive sports brand training shoes, sweat-shirt tops.

Often heard to utter such terms as "cash sale only mate", and might give you a receipt for a purchase stating "sold as fu*@ed" rather than "sold as seen"

To be Lazlo'd would be to be victim of a sale from one of these guys.
Hippo: i'll give you £100 plus the BMW.
Lazlo: OOOOOOOh c'mon lads, it's a bargain, my son bought trainers for more than that!
by cyanidemoth November 11, 2005
An english slang term meaning different things in noun and verb sense.

1) Dinka, verb, this would be to go on a fairly pointless mission, for example drive 300 miles for a cup of tea and drive back.
2) Dinka, noun, this would refer to something of dubious but pleasurable nature, pornographic material for example.

The term is used reasonably loosely according to the speakers will at the time so may result in a number of variations.
Upon concluding the Sunday service, the Vicar was left at a loss as what to do with the rest of his day, as if by divine intervention, the Bishop arrived with some classy dinka DVD's.

Wasting no time and robes cast aside they dinka'd over to the vestry and spent the 7th day enjoying the fruits of mankind reproduced in telecinematic form.
by cyanidemoth November 11, 2005
A combination of the first letters of the following phrase:

Get On Your Bike And Ride

Used in reference (generally when taunting) to either
1) Posers who wander around with Heine Gericke motorcycle jackets yet don't know their clutch hand from their limp wrist.
2) People with motorcycle helmet shaped hair, usually women experimenting with fashionable short hair, but ending up looking like Carl Fogarty's 'slow' little sister.
The new age Vicar did his best to appear fashionable and bring christianity to the youth, sporting a 'trendy' motorcycle jacket and funky mullet hair, he preached on modern issues, however, his appearance was just a ruse, and his motorcycling references fabricated, he was more likely to ride the choir boys than a Harley. After his community started to see through his facade, the elderly parishioners would taunt him before each sermon, mimicking the wrist action of a throttle hand and shouting "Goybar!" from the pews.
by cyanidemoth November 11, 2005
to convulse violently, purging the content of your stomach, perhaps in a projectile manner.

derived from S. G Petch car sales in England, who sell some really purge-worthy vehicles, whilst also sounding akin to the act of vomiting in a most enthusiastic manner.
In a disgraceful moment for the church, the vicar was photograhed holding back the bishops robes whilst he petched at the porcelain alter.
by cyanidemoth September 13, 2005

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