Another name for female masturbation.
I think Betty went home to pet the cat.
by ToeKnee August 25, 2005
Top Definition
When somebody gets very angry, this response is used to soothe them. It is generally a new term and has yet to spread to the masses.
David: Hey man, go pet the cat. Just pet the cat.
Arnold: Ok man.
by bignigsmokingacig June 12, 2009
1. To finger a woman.
2. To provide sexual gratification to a woman.
"You know I want to pet the cat"
ie: "You know I want to get my hand in your pants".
by darck_cide January 26, 2007
When a woman masturbates
He's so hot, every time I see him I run into the bathroom and pet the cat.
by nappy pappy May 03, 2008
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