3 definitions by dinki

term used to describe female masturbation.
I guess when you go that long without a boyfriend, you get pretty good at petting the cat.
by dinki August 24, 2003
v. to behave like a moron after consuming intoxicating substances.
Ok, I'll let you drink this everclear, but promise not to knock off.
by dinki August 24, 2003
1.term used in San Antonio TX to describe a person who routinely gets wasted and behaves like a complete moron.
2. person who behaves like a moron even when they aren't wasted, thus making them undesirable as company at any time.
Did you know we found that knock-off passed out in the kitchen with his dick in a can of play-doh last week?

Don't let that knock-off in my car, he's always putting cigarette burns in my damn seats.
by dinki August 23, 2003

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