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A pescotarian is a vegetarian who also eats aquatic animal protein. Although pescotarianism is not a true vegetarian choice, this person probably does not consume dairy or eggs. The pescotarian diet is considered to be among the healthiest. Examples are the Japanese and Mediteranean diets. People from these cultures have historically had longer lifespans, more productive years, and fewer diseases. The lifespans of these cultures are beginning to shorten, however, as a result of the introduction of the Western diet. Peoples from these cultures, too, show a marked first generation decrease in health and lifespan when relocating to the United States. Pescotarians choose this lifestyle often because of health reasons, or in response to the way beef, pork and chicken are raised and slaghtered. Other varied reasons for adopting this diet exist, as well.
Mediterranean diet, Japanese diet, fisherman's diet, pescotarian diet.
by go4awalleye December 06, 2007
A person who does not eat meat accept for sea animals (ex. fish, crabs, lobsters etc...)

or a vegetarian or omnivore who eats sea creatures
"would you like chicken or fish for dinner?"
"i'll have the fish please, i'm a pescotarian (I can't eat chicken
by Lylacism February 26, 2012
Pescotarian is someone who doesn't eat the flesh of fish, or any sea-creature. Sometimes they exclude dairy products like eggs or milk also. It's called other things aswell .. but i can't remember what.
Guy 1: Want Some Freshly Grilled Sea-Bass?
Guy 2: No Thanks, I'm Pescotarian.
by Crankyy. August 05, 2007