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An omnivore who excludes poultry, beef, and pork from their diet but includes fish (and usually other forms of seafood like shrimp, oysters, scallops, etc.).
Because these people do choose to include meat in their diet (seafood is muscle tissue from a live animal and therefore meat), they are not vegetarian as vegetarians do not consume meat.
Sally doesn't eat beef, chicken, or poutry but does include fish and some other forms of seafood in her diet. She is a pescetarian.
by Riely February 09, 2006
someone who doesn't eat meat, but does eat fish
'fancy a steak for tea?'
'no thanks, i'm a pescetarian, but i will have some tasty tuna!'
by haitch-brum December 30, 2007
One who excludes all flying and terrestrial animals from their diet. "Pesce" is the word for fish in Italian, and so a pescetarian is one who only consumes fish and other seafood as a meat source. They also eat any and all fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains.

Many vegetarians consider them to be cheaters for eating the flesh of an animal, and get rather offended when pescetarians call themselves vegetarians.

The main reason they get offended is that vegetarians and vegans alike believe that no animal should be consumed by humans, and if flesh is consumed, they are no longer worthy to the grand title of vegan or vegetarian. Another reason they are appalled is the conditions of the animals that are commercially raised and sent to be processed in the slaughterhouse.

Pescetarians believe that catching and eating fish in the wild is perfectly okay. They believe it to be humane, sustainable, healthy, and overall very delicious. Fish are always preyed on by other bigger fish, who either chomp them alive and eat them, or swallow them whole. Pescetarians are saving fish from that fate, as well as getting a good source of healthy calories, protein, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, thiamin, vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, selenium, and other essentials the human body needs to stay alive and fit.
"Sir, may I interest you in a steak, or a burger perhaps?"

"No, thank you I'm a pescetarian. I'll have the lime-marinaded grilled salmon with a side of steamed rice and garlic-sauteed portobello mushrooms.
by Bobby Pockets May 15, 2010
a type of vegetarian that allows fish into their diet.

also known as pescovegetarian
"you're a vegetarian, so you don't eat fish right?"
"no, technically i am a pescetarian"
by la dee da March 06, 2005
A modified vegetarian who also eats seafood. Distinguished from a seagan in that they also may eat eggs and or dairy.
Where should we go for dinner with Rob and Tina?....Is she still a veg?

No I think she is a pescetarian now that they have moved in about sushi?
by Mike..... November 26, 2007
a person who has a vegetarian diet, but who also adds fish and seafood to their diet
Lauren: I am a vegetarian
Bob: I saw you eat fish the other day, you are a pescetarian.
Lauren: lulz wat is ay pesctatariann!!111!!!!
Bob: A vegetarian that also eats fish.
Lauren: I am a pescetarian, then :3
by Powerpoint May 07, 2013
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