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1. To be intoxicated off any alcohol.
2. Just started drinking.
How ever which way you think you sound cool, use it.

I first heard this word from my sisters ex after he got outa the pin after 2 years, I ask myself why in the fuck would dey be using that word up in der? Don't get me wrong, its pretty coo 2 use.
Simple example - You pervin?
2. Ay yo dog nuts, you pervin?
by Justin August 29, 2004
To be intoxicated, drunk off of liquor
by Half Krazy September 11, 2003
-another word for gettin your game on, or as they say on Jersey Shore, "creepin'"
Better do some mad pervin' tonight so i dont head back alone
by kingofboss March 21, 2011
characterizing, verbalizing, and fantasizing perverted behavior, usually on the internet.
commenter 1: omg shes so fucking hot i want to spread her ass cheeks and squeeze them and sloppy kiss her asshole

commenter 2: that dudes fuckin pervin'
by anonQ45 May 22, 2013
Organisms who enjoy looking at the world in a sexually perverted view. Short form of perverted ervin.
That guy is hardcore pervin
by b pizzle February 25, 2004
a nickname for a person of perverted behavior, a perverted history and a background of sexual perversions.
That public pool pervin is always lurking to scope the next tender piece of meat.
by secks4life July 25, 2009
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