non-fluorescent light bulbs
Q. Why are non-fluorescent light bulbs called "Peruvian"?
A. Because they are Incan descent.
by miguelbauerepicfailyaknow April 19, 2011
someone who is from the country of peru. they are confused with mexicans but peruvians are of Incan decent and mexicans are aztec and mayan decent. Peruvians are mean and think they are above everyone else, they are filled with pride and think they are right all the time, they always say that peru is better then any other country when everyone is equal in there own way. peruvians can be very narcissistic. generaly peruvians are short and there temper is just as short. they will punch and assult people over small debates.
James: hey ignacio whats up, whos the new kid in town?
Ignacio: oh hes a new student who moved here from peru, lets go invite him to be friends

New kid: "what did you say about peru?!" new kid punches Ignacio

James: "what the hell is your problem?! why did you punch ignacio!!we wernt even talkin about peru! we just said you are from peru?"

New kid:" dont say the name of my country only peruvians can say it"

Ignacio: "james forget this conceded foo, lets just go this freak needs anger managment"

james:"haha yea"
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
yea thats me... niggas who come from south america, next to brazil some of us is dirty but not all of us whoever wrote that last difinition is some white boy whom IMa fuckin kill if i hunt im down (u fuckin low lfie bitch nigga, u shudn't b racist u pathetic foo)
peruvian1:!hola amigo! ?tienes la hora?
me: si, son las 3 48PM
by west side blood king November 23, 2007
People who was born in the country of Peru. The most of them live in The Mayor Park (Plaza de Armas) of Santiago, capital of Chile. They are very dirty and ugly, and they became in a plague...
peruvian: I hate the chilean people! give our Ship and land back!!
chilean: Hey budy, fuck you!! Get your ass out of here! and please clean the Mayor Park before you go...
by Jack-it May 04, 2007

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