Peruvian: Person coming from Peru ( country in south america bordering with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and the Pacific Ocean). Peruvians r very cool people. No we r not mexicans obviously, and neither do we look chinese although u can find some chinese people in Perus capital city Lima, as well as people from a variety of backgrounds. in a few words w r the coolest ppl in South America. One more thing we r not the ones known for cocaine ( thats Colombia).
Peruvian: Hola chochera( slang for friend)en q t puedo ayudar.
American: Vendeme un kilo de Coca
Peruvian: Te equivocaste causa ( another slang word for friend) Colombia ta al costado.
by PeruvianPrince March 31, 2009
A person born in Peru. People vary in looks dramatically. Many are indigenous people, others are mestizo mix of Spanish and Indigenous people and many mixed with Europeans as well as Chinese. This result is very exotic looking people. I'd say the main difference from all the other South american people is that I've noticed many are bright and quite people. They are also passionate and love to laugh and push you to your limits as well. Some are so passionate that they appear stubborn. Many of the women can seduce you with with their rare blend of beauty as well as their wit. (Proceed with caution, as they can steal your heart) The food is the best in all of South America due to it fine seaport. The country is very densely populated compared to its neighbor and it is incredibly beautiful.In Arequipa the people are highly intelligent and since its location is rather isolated by the foot of a mountain and high latitude it hasn't been mixed with many other people. The Spanish Conquistadors ruled all of South America from there for almost 400 years so perhaps that explains why most of the extremely bright people come from there. Spain sent it's best physicians , lawyers and writers there for 400 years so that explains the difference.
Their unique combination of exotic beauty and brains is difficult, if not impossible to resist. Trust me on this! Proceed with caution, you won't know what hit you! Peruvians girls can break your heart, but you will never forget them, ever. It can be bittersweet. Considered yourself warned. I heard John Wayne married a Peruvian woman and he loved her so much( she was hot). Out of all of South America, Peru has the most world Universe beauty winners. Yes, more than Venezuela. I've also heard Peruvian men are very charming and bright as well from my American girl friends.
by WorldBanker70 January 14, 2012
-multi ethnic country.
-People of asian descent-yes some of us look asian simple because asians were the first ancestors in Peru before the Inca Empire. and that is true. we cant deny it. so dont be surprise if you see asians speaking sanish.

-Also afro peruvians arab peruvians meztizo -native peruvian and asian peruvian are part of our multi ethnic society.
-the words "cholo" "chino" "oe negro.." are very common between us and we do not get offende it unless ur not one of ours friends !!
Peruvian gastronomy is one of the best in the world. (officially)
-inka kola is the official peruvian drink.
-Pisco sour is peruvian.
-Lima is also know as the city of kings.
-Perus macchu Pichu is one the 7 wonders of the world

-soccer is very important to most peruvian- well everyone loves soccer in Peru
-surfin skateboarding are also very common activities in lima
canela = woww this is such a beautifil place

ana = yea macchu picchu its a magic place !!!
canela = yea it is !! I LOVE PERU !=

canela = oh woww look at that ..peruvian ginea pigs

ana = awww they are adorable...sooo cute
by hoisi May 25, 2009
The following are examples of peruvian people:

Mario Testino, photographer
Sofia Mulanovich, world champion surfer
Susana Baca, singer
Mario Vargas Llosa, writer
Juan Luis Florez, tenor
Gaston Acurio, chef
Helena Christensen, model
Alberto Vargas, Vargas Girl's painter
Jaime Bayly, writer
Alfredo Bryce, writer
Ricardo de Montreuil, film director
Boris Vallejo, painter
Benjamin Bratt, actor
Los Pasteles Verdes, rock band
Cesar Vallejo, poet
Shit! Can I also be peruvian?
by MarcelGarnierd February 21, 2008
Someone born or whose parents were born in Peru. The people are nice, great cooks, and they love to party. They're mostly short but some can be tall. Peruvians are usually confused for black, asian, or European. Most of the men are not so good looking. But there are some who are handsome. The woman are usually pretty but as they age they start to gain weight. Peruvians are all hardworking and most are stubborn but usually not violent. Being peruvian is the new thing these days.
Jake: Hey do you see that asian over there?
Jessica: No that's a peruvian.
Jake: What? I coulda sworn it was an asian.
by AdventureMonster July 20, 2011
One who sucks at the MOBA video game "Dota 2"
Person 1:"Man I really can't stand all of these fucking Peruvians on English servers, they ALWAYS feed"
Person 2:"I know what you mean"
by Bannanaxeno July 02, 2014
just about the best thing you can possibly be
person 1: I WISH I WAS PERUVIAN !!!
by quetchwa September 08, 2008

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