Anything Gray doesn't have hoots on
dun wor gray, that splee is pure persy
by seeeennnn June 01, 2004
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Short form for personal. Meaning private, to one's self. Not shared with any others. Free of any "outside person" not wanted in a situation or place, or object. A personal stash.
Hey man, I got a persy house tonight you wanna have a jam?

Yo man I already made my money back on that half ounce, that spliff there is persy.
by Mike m October 28, 2003
Something personal, for yourself and no-one else.
'Oh bruv give me twos on that fag.'
'Nor cuz persy'
by maysm June 11, 2006
1. something small and personal

2. A food or object with great taste or satiable qualities.

3. Third level in the hiearchy of taste.
1. Dank
2. Death

Can you pack me a persy?
dude that sandwich is so persy dude.
Sooo persy dud.

by Jonathan Akbari August 09, 2006
{v} The act of mistaking what cards you have in your hand during a texas hold 'em game of poker, going all-in, and losing after realizing the cards you have aren't the cards you thought you had.
Mat thinking: "Man I've got a sweet hand!"
Mat speaking: "All-in. AH SHIT! I thought I had a king!!"
Fowler: "Haha stupid Persy, he has a small wiener!"
by Matt Fowler October 25, 2006

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