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An individually portioned hit of weed. Made for one light, one puff, for one person. Perfect in a bowl or bong, this method ensures each person will get a green hit, as well as being extremely efficient and economical. A keef dusting may be added for greater potency.
"Hey Courtney, could you pack me a persie?"

"Sure thing, Grandma... and lets make it a keef persie."
by Grandma AZ July 11, 2009
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your personal stash of weed.
A dealer will have his stash to sell ( or SHOT)
and also his stash to smoke (persie)

E.G. This bud's shit- i'll set you some out of my persie.

Na mate, i'm dry- all i've got is my persie
by steezting May 09, 2006

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