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An incorrect spelling of per se. Used by those who do not know its proper use.
"I didn't really dump her persay.."

"Yes you did, because you're an insecure little fucktard. Now stop trying to sound smart."

by Sub Zenyth July 20, 2005
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the guessed spelling of the Latin words 'per se' which mean in-and-of-itself.
This does not mean that it's not valid <i>per say</i>.
by ken lewis February 26, 2004
An exotic type of fruit that is incredibly rare and so is usually not eaten, but rather preserved in a block of glass and passed down the family line

Please note: Even though Per se and Persay are two completely different words with widely varied meanings, they are sometimes used in the same place you would use one or the other in.
1. There's no doubt that gardening per say is good for the soul.

2. I am not a fan of Italian wines per say they're a bit to tannic for me.

3. The problem is not with the new family per say, but an ex-wife who is evil.
by hellfire666 June 08, 2015
something you say at the end of a sentence to sound intelligent
i won the nobel prize, persay

i don't host parties persay
by kaka jr May 28, 2005
The word Persay, a word derived from lLatin, can only be said by a Somalian. If not it would not make sense. If anyone else does say it, then it would be defined as, Latin phrase used in English arguments for "by itself" or "by themselves"
"I must go to my room and slumber persay."
"Wardya, persay."
by HankyPirate December 11, 2009
Of, in, or by itself or oneself; intrinsically
i dont need to go shopping persay....
by Will bunion May 11, 2005

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