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annoying person/thing/animal in an affectionate way.
odi the dog and roger the bunny are shitbrains. Rob is a shitbrain, I am a shitbrain.
by Natalee August 11, 2006
a person that has shit for brains, and/or asks idiotic questions
Shitbrains you fucking tit!
by hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmim gay November 03, 2010
Apparently, being a shitbrain is undesirable. To reward people for ceasing all shitbrain action and behaviour, a reward system is in place: VW beetles are distributed to all non-shitbrains.
danna = non by the rules of logic, she should be given a red beetle!!! She is still waiting!!!
by DannaBanana December 11, 2006
where the man pulls out his other HEAD. to find there is shit on the privates down south.
my girlfriend thinks its funny to give me "shit brains" during our love making
by mr.assorth October 02, 2013
What I am, and what I use when thinking.
I am "Shit for Brains", how do you do?
by Suck My Dick April 12, 2005
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