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to act stupid or loosen up due to the effects of alcohol or drugs
Yo, I was perking off of that Vodka, I couldn't even stand up.
by that dozen April 30, 2005
To fake, hold out on someone.
You perking on me, cuz yean even made the cd yet.
by Rawvera cracka J September 28, 2003
To be attracted to nipples of all kinds in a sexual way, often searching out opportunities to observe them in their natural state.
Sarah: Steve, I thought you loved me, but you are perking at every set of nipples in this swimming pool.

Steve: *sobs* I'm sorry Sarah, I can't help myself, I AM KING PERKER. I need help....*gulp, sob*
by FUCKUPHIMA January 25, 2015
The act of jerking off while puking
"Dude I was perking at my girlfriend's house yesterday"
by ThuhUtterLickrs November 12, 2014
Faking, holding out on someone. To be lying.
You perking on me bout that CD, cuz yean even make it yet.
by Rawvera cracka J September 28, 2003
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