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a special privelige or side benefit.
Sleeping with many beautiful women is one of the perks of being a rock star.
by kingman November 17, 2003
something set up that is guaranteed to bring in loads of money
sales tax, speed traps, parking meters...etc.
by kingman May 15, 2004
1) old news

2) something or someone that had its time, but has since faded from the scene.
1) "yeah she told me they broke up, but thats already back issue since it happened 3 weeks ago."

2) "The White Stripes? nah man, they're back issue now. Stereogram's where its at now."
by kingman June 03, 2004
actual day; actual date
"what was the a.d. of the purchase?"

"let's party on the a.d. of my b-day for a change!"
by kingman November 16, 2003
to drive at high speed; to travel fast
"must have been an accident up ahead, the cops and fire trucks clipped right past us."
by kingman November 17, 2003
one that gives it to her, full throttle.
all I can say is....

it's better to be bush-WHACKED....

then to be pussy-WHIPPED! :)
by kingman November 19, 2003
1.to be played by someone

2.to be drawn by someone
1.that bitch sketched me by blocking my sn and ignoring my calls.
2. someone drew me on some paper

I like #1 because that is what happend to me
by Kingman February 03, 2005
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