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Short for peripheral vision; what is seen in the corners of your eyes while looking straight ahead.
I saw in my periph that if I continued into the intersection, I was about to be struck by a vehicle.
by Idahomey December 08, 2005
The corner of your field of vision - comes from the phrase "peripheral vision"
"Whoa, check out that car crash! Well, maybe you shouldn't, since you're driving."
"No, I can see it out of my periphs."
by Jack324 October 26, 2007
(n) stems from "periphrial vision"

short term only to be used after you've noticed something ridiculous in your periphs
person: Wow, I just saw her pick her nose in my periphs!
by slanglastsforever March 16, 2009
A game involving two or more people playing catch with an object. The players must throw and catch the object using only their peripheral vision. Meaning they must stare directly at a certain spot, preferably the opponents eyes while trying to catch the object. Dropping the object is a point for the other player while catching the object continues the game.
Hey bro, grab that ball and lets bust out a game of periphs.

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