the time when blood and liquid flows out of the vagina, starts between age of 12-16 for most girls, some later, earlier.

Don't DARE to talk about this to your girlfriend
Her period began last week
by 7 Train January 27, 2004
Blood coming out of a vagina
She got her period while she was wearing white pants.
by Dang-flabbit-Mom August 26, 2013
Where blood exits from the woman's vagina. Usually because the egg got stood up by the sperm, which causes the lining of the uterus to shed, causing blood to leave through the vagina.

WARNING'S FOR GUYS: If a girl is on or about to be on her period, stay the FUCK away from her. I don't give a shit if you're married/dating her, stay AWAY! Don't joke/laugh about it or you'll have a black eye and a swollen dick.

Have a nice day. xD

SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, bloating, cramps, increase in hunger, increase in sleep, brown or heavy discharge(Brown discharge is dried up blood.), bitchy, mood swings, pimples, and breasts start to grow more.

SIGNS OF A FIRST PERIOD: Increase in sleep, increase in hunger, lower abdomen pain, moody, increase in pimples, horny, breasts are sore/or tender, breasts start to grow more, and finally. BLOOD IN PANTIES!

Ta-ta! C:

(I'm a girl who has NOT started her periodscore! -.-)
Davie: Hey babe. *Touches Leslie's boobs*
Leslie: *Grabs his wrist and twists it*.
Davie: WDF??? O_o
Leslie: I'm so so SO sorry, babe. D:
Davie:....Lemme guess. You on yo period? o.o
Leslie: >:O YESSSSS! Shit! Wdf is wrong with it? Huh? Huh? HUH????? :O
Davie: *Backs away very sssssllllllllooooowwwwwwllllllllyyyy*......o_o
by imatrollxD March 05, 2012
Could be considered as your class period or could be considered as 'if i haven't gotten it this month then i'm pregnant'
I don't know i haven't gotten my period yet this month. might be pregnant
by mathperiods September 30, 2009's what us girls have every month. The inside of the uterus tears itself apart and it's excrushiatingly painful. Blood will clot, you will get migraines, you will feel like vomiting, hormones will go crazy...and before I got my period I used to think it was just some stereotype or something to crave chocolate on your period...well, it's no stereotype. It's real. And this lasts for 5-8 days, depending on the person.
*period arrives*

Welp, looks like my uterus is practicing giving birth again.
by Snowy reflections April 14, 2014
1. A punctuation mark at the end of a sentence.

2. A special time of month for a girl in which her womanly parts bleed for up to seven days.

3. The symbol of womanhood.
1. period ------> .

2. Adriana: Awwwwww I got my period 2 days early!

3. Amy: Mom! I'm finally a woman!

Amy's Mom: That's great honey!
by The Friendly Snowman Outside November 23, 2011
girl's version of the transformation of the hulk, except the hulk does not intend to destroy every XY carrier in sight. enraged, angry, acting on nothing but hormones, grows in size, and focuses on prey that is ignorance of the danger: The XY carrier. In this change in female chemistry, female make Lil Wayne look like a choir boy.
After John didn't see the sudden change in his girlfriend's behavior due to her period, Joan was incensed, roared, and slammed John 20 ft. into the ground from her 5th story window.
by niceboi June 25, 2010
The monthly shedding of blood from the ovaries, which makes a fairly large mess.
Did you know? There are just as many female murders as male, but the girls never get caught. Why?
Because periods teach us exactly how to deal with blood.
by NoLifeOtakuGirl August 02, 2014

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