1)uninterpreted reality.

2) any concept the human mind can not comprehend.
unconsciousness, infinity, and nothing are examples of perfection.
by thinking man's prophet November 24, 2010
silly cupcake.
i love you baby,
youre the definition of perfection <3
by muffinprincess October 03, 2010
Somebody that is insanely awesometastic in every little detail about them.
Rob is perfect. No doubts about that. Perfection is what surrounds him.
by Lover not a friend. March 30, 2009
Hannah-Elizabeth, a beautiful girl who i love passionately with all my heart mind body and soul, she has the most perfect personality, shes kind, caring, considerate, always thoughtful, never puts herself first and will do anything to make others happy.
Hannah, you are perfection.-Thomas Simmonds
by Thomas Simmonds November 13, 2007
The single most rare, unusual and annoying character flaw one can be blessed to possess.
"She was a model of perfection."
by nethcev! August 27, 2006
Perfection is not necessarily the absolute lack of flaws; but in fact, flourishing with flaws of uniqueness and individuality.
Mary: That girl Chassity is so weird and lame. I don't even know how to describe her. Why doesn't she care what we think?
Matt: She's not afraid to be herself. She's eccentric. She's extraordinary. She's Perfection.
Mamma Sug: For real doe.
by Superman71 September 09, 2014
Perfection is when tou do everything with no mistakes

Have perfect hair
Are flawless
Are sexy in everyway
And everyone loves them<3
Like one direction basicly
Cece: "perfection"?
Sammi: you know i dont HAVE to take you to theyre concert. I have a list of other people that would want to go
by One direction bitches January 28, 2014

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