apart from the other explanations on here , its also a brand name of paint brushes, extremely fine well made genuine horse hair/ sable hair paint brushes, that are by my standards really good brushes, and can be used to differentiate between some brushes, its usually not the case when using this slang term but does come out like this some times
hey hand me that perdy over there,

thats not a perdy brush

i only paint perdy
by ht sauce March 09, 2009
Top Definition
Perdy: A slang term for "pretty". Can be used in all instances of the original term. Is not a "ghetto term" or used by thugs, "gangstas", or people of that sort.
"That's perdy crazy!"
"You're perdy..."
by G. M.-H. May 28, 2003
A term used mainly in the south meaning someone (usually a girl) is good looking or easy on the eyes.
That gurl sure is perdy.
by Magan April 11, 2007
Pretty, very
Those flowers are very perdy!
by Lovedarain May 26, 2015

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