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to have one's face and eyes sprayed with a caustic chemical
"Dude, why don't you answer my text messages?"
"I was pepper-sprayed at school last night"
#brutalize #debase #pollute #poison #taint
by dave94015 November 23, 2011
When you accidentaly/purposely cum in someones eyes.
Person 1: Aww I'm gonna cum on your face
Person 2: AHH! You pepper sprayed me you ass hole.
#cum #eyes #jizz #face #sex
by Jesus' s Hand Holes September 05, 2014
When a girl gets tied down by a group of men willingly and they all cum on her at once. She then must let the cum dry and not shower for at least 3 days. Not for the normal person.
I know jenny got pepper sprayed last night, because i saw her leave with those guys and plus she smelled like cum today.

#sex #dog greeze #grease dry #gang bang #salt shaker
by Kniggit88 September 23, 2010
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