When you seduce your lady by farting and then walking up and kissing her up her wrist/arm.
I did the Pepe le Pew move to Nikki, she melted in my arms.
by Thefza March 30, 2014
A French profligate skunk, who seduces female cats, that are painted so that they appear to female skunks.
He is usually turned down by his prospective mates, because of his terrible odour and the fact that he comes on too aggressively and with too much passion, of which he is oblivious.
Pepe LePew: Quel es? ... Ahhh ... la belle femme skunk fatale!! Tch-tch.
Pepe LePew: It is possible to be too attractive!
by arijan December 08, 2007
While having a girl with black hair suck your dick, you pull out of her mouth right before you climax and smear a white streak of cum down her hair to make her resemble the cartoon skunk Pepe LePew. Then you fart in her face to give her the signature odor.
That bitch Tracy cheated on me with two other dudes, so last night I gave her the Pepe LePew.
by DyslexicEditor May 30, 2013
When a gals juices have trickles down over her anus, and then she farts, spraying her man with a 'mist like' cloud.
While relaxing on the bed after eating out my girlfriend, she pepe le pew'd on my leg!
by Nix7080 November 04, 2006
Pepé le Pew is when a male is having anal sex with a female, and the female farts on his penis. For homosexuality, see Stinky Pete.
So I was fucking Sophie in the ass, and she Pepé le Pew'd me.
by Gregg Swanson August 04, 2006
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