Someone who gets blamed for things that aren't really their fault.

To be annoying and silly. i.e 'Christ, you're such a peon. piss off'
'shit. they captured the flag. It was that bloody peon Fred's fault'
by Fredex November 22, 2004
an idiotic person. a moron.
Shut your hole, you PEON!
by Noelle March 14, 2003
thats what 8th graders call 7th graders at Turlock Junior High Scool.
8th graders really do hate them we fell like this is OUR school,they shouldnt be there.
8th Grader: move fucking peon!

7th Grader: Please dont hurt me!

**8th grader kicks peons ass then jacks his lunch money**
by SoBored2223 December 07, 2008
1)a low-level irc user, someone with voice, ops, or anyother form of flag in an irc channel
2)a low-level computer user, someone without root or wheel access
3)A General Peasent
4)as a general "smurf" style word.
1) Sorry, i cant op im only a peon in here
3) Marik
4) "wow! it just got 45 degrees more peon in here since marik joined"
by Pod January 04, 2004
Everyone in #naturalselection who's name does not include all the following letters. S, E, H, O, K, C, W, V, A. See Also, Nubs, Targets.
randomnub1 has joined #naturalsection

<randomnub2> OMGZ0R! YOU SI PEON!
by Shockwave November 11, 2003
All who I rule under!!! Mwhahahaha!! ;)
The peons will toil for my ends!!!
by The Omnipotent Seal March 30, 2003
a hindu; someone from india
those freakin peons annoy the crap outta me
by hitt that April 20, 2005

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