Good school, shitty people.

Classes are somewhat of a challenge and most are at least interesting, many quite useful. The professors know their shit. Competent administration (otherwise, eveything would fall apart at a place this big). A bit pricey, but it's every bit as good as a high-end private school in most respects. Free busses.

Most of the students here are either obnoxious or annoying, so unless you're either of those, don't plan on having any friends your first semester. Most of the girls are superficial cunts, so unless you like Britney Spears clones, don't plan on having a girlfriend the first semester either. Then again, there are plenty of ugly tennis-skirt-wearing girls here... There are some decent parties but not the best (due to the obnoxious people and the horrible music); although I will say that for some reason all the food you get around here is awesome, including creamery ice cream. It may be $2.15 per cone, but dammit, it's worth it. The two bars worth mentioning are the Crowbar, where they have renowned metal shows (I'm gonna see the Haunted monday!), and the Brewery, a hole in the wall with awesome drink specials and supports local musicians trying to get a start. As far as I know, the other 25,000 bars suck ass. (Yeah, at first it's neat to be in a town with "nightlife", but then you realize it's just pathetic and annoying, especially when you're trying to get through the traffic downtown.) Mike's music has an awesome selection of good music, not mallcore stuff. Parking situation is horrendus. Prepare to walk and ride the (free) bus a lot, at least around campus anyway.

Yeah, there's football games here. Basically, it turns the entire town into a traffic jam. Yay. Incedently, I walk directly past Joe Paterno's house every day and I've seen him twice in two years. So no, he doesn't walk around campus all the time.

Interesting architecture. Check out the library, Old Main, and Sparks, which has cool gargoyles and sculptures, and the names of famous people carved right into the facáde of the building. Also there's the IST building, which is built right over a four lane highway.
If you want to come for the education, great. If you are looking for friendly people, look elsewhere, although good times can still be had with a little searching.
by SalientAlien July 23, 2005
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The greatest college ever!
Best parties, hottest girls, school spirit. What else could you ask for?
We are... Penn State
by Go Lions! September 28, 2004
Located in Happy Valley, this small town has a big campus. The students are more than half the population when school is in session and the town is the third largest in PA when it is a football weekend. Don't forget to stop by the creamery, Lion Shrine and say hey to Joe Pa who walks campus every day. We can study, party and drink with the best of them, we just know how to do them all without overloading.

"We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools in the party category because we feel it is unfair to rank professionals against amateurs" -Playboy

"We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools in the party category because we feel it is unfair to rank professionals against amateurs" -Playboy
by TAC April 12, 2005
To take advantage of, sexually, and to have it go unreported afterwards
I totally penn stated that girl last week.
by bsbro.3569 November 23, 2011
A college in Pennsylvania where Jerry Sandusky, a former Defense Coach for Penn State Football and long time kid fucker with multiple victims, was allowed to wonder aimlessly around campus and without punishment, shame by his working peers or report to the police of any kind regarding his pedophilia fiendish ways, even after being sited first hand in a shower naked behind a ten year old boy.
Penn State, openly supporting child fucking since 1997.
by pedophilia, kid fucking, shota November 09, 2011
It's the condition after one has been Sanduskied
The boy was in a Penn State for the rest of his life, after being sanduskied.
by DaytonaDude November 29, 2011
School spirit. Good education system. Elite school. Great atheletics. What more can you say.
Half of the stadium: WE ARE!!!
Other half of the stadium: PENN STATE!!!
by BigBo June 25, 2005
The school with the most school pride, in good times and bad; the best local ice cream (both the Creamery and Cold Stone); the biggest and baddest party school on earth; one of the TOP universities in the country (look it up); best fucking school on the planet.
We Are... Penn State

When I say JOE, you say PA.
by Tweeder McFeedles March 07, 2005

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